will you be in my opera?

I would like to write an opera about this tree. A woman singing an aria, spreading one arm wide while the other holds her baby tightly to her. Or a witch cackling over a cauldron while the wind blows her cape behind her. Or a disturbing human rabbit hybrid… OK, I won’t go there.

There are so many stories all around us. I spend so much time looking at and listening to the stories in the world that I sometimes forget to tell my own. I forget to ask for what I want, and I keep my story to myself.

Telling my story or asking for what I need is not about being selfish. It’s about being clear on my path and asking for the help I need to continue on that path, to affect the world as I am supposed to.

I’m not quite sure how to shift that in a massive way. The first step is to be aware of this. And next to make a commitment to myself (and you) to start asking more when I need to. I’m totally fine if the answer is no when it needs to be. But if I don’t ask, I’m telling myself no every time. I’m shutting down the story before it even begins.

I’d like to commit to telling my story while I continue to listen to the stories around me.

What’s your story? What can you ask for today?