creativity in the every day

“Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.”
– Edward de Bono

I bought a cool old chair for my office from a lady up the road. Then I inherited a back pillow from a friend. But the pillow kept slipping down the back of the chair, not resting in that comfort lower-back zone. Using a needle and thread, two binder ring clips, and three ribbons, I attached the back pillow to the metal rods of the chair. Then, because it was quite odd looking, I slipped a brown (my fave color) pillow case over the whole thing.

This task may sound bizarre and tedious but I enjoyed it because it gave me the opportunity to be creative. Those opportunities are everywhere, if we will only look around. Even the mundane every day tasks – the dish washing, the cooking, the laundering of clothes, the getting dressed for work, the writing of an email – are opportunities to be creative.

How have you been creative today?