perusing a path

As I scroll through my library of photos, looking for inspiration for these notions, every time I come across a photo of a pathway or a trail, it always spurs internal questions around my trajectory in life. Am I happy with my current path? Are there any upcoming decisions that will perhaps take me in a new direction? And so on.

The funny thing is that I have a fair number of photos of hiking trails, pathways, roads, and the like. This particular path is from my visit to Kata Tjuta in July 2017. Aside from taking photos of things that simply interest me or that I think are lovely, I wonder if my subconscious is leaving breadcrumbs. Knowing that I will one day be scrolling through my photos, see this image, and have a moment of reflection on my life’s direction.

Do you have any subconscious habits that you can see as breadcrumbs to yourself?