contents of a silhouette

If you have ever visited Uluru in the center of Australia, you will recall that there are amazing & intricate natural patterns on the rock surfaces. Patterns that visitors are asked not to photograph up close because of the spiritual & cultural significance to the Indigenous caretakers of the land.

A silhouette against the sunrise simplifies the visual image. And it still contains the non-visual layers of complexity of the symbol, the spiritual & cultural significance, the history of the land, and so on.

These days, I am navigating the balance of my own complexity with a longing for more simplicity. In the past, I have tried (unsuccessfully) to focus on one at the loss of the other. Wanting everything to be simple and negating the richness to be found in the nuances of complexity. Leaning into the complex so much that I get lost & overwhelmed & lose sight of the beauty in the simpler overall view.

The simple & the complex live together, just as in this silhouette. I strive to find where my silhouette balance lives. How about you?