The Bacana Plan is a company that provides life management services by way of a talented & primarily virtual team. We strive to stay in line with our vision and our three favorite words.

Our specialty is providing services to the location independent professional. International clients are welcome.

Our Company

Our Vision

The Bacana Plan is a virtual* team that works in the areas of assistant services, bookkeeping, organizing, tech services, and business structure consulting. We are a socially responsible company dedicated to inspiring trust, performing with care, sustaining our environment, and living life outside the box.

* There are limited on-site assistant & organizing services available in New York City.

Our Three favorite words

Ease.  Guess what?  Life doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Our days don’t have to be stress-filled.  We can move around in this fast-paced world with a calm center, poised for inspiration and action.  That’s what we aspire to at The Bacana Plan, a sense of ease that keeps us at the top of our game.  We aspire to help our clients maintain that as well.

Efficiency.  Your time is valuable.  Our time is valuable too.  So let’s save some time together.  Time savers: being organized, setting realistic (and exciting) goals, focusing on one task at a time, and crossing off that to-do list with the help of a friendly team of people.

Awareness.  Each of our lives affects many other lives.  So where is that precious energy going?  How are our choices affecting our own well-being and the well-being of this planet?  What business practices are we supporting with the products & services we buy?  How do we live lives on purpose, knowing how our many unique parts become an integrated whole?  Seeking awareness is an on-going journey and exploration for all of us.

Our Team

The Bacana Team is a small and elite team of rock stars, each well-versed in one or more of the following areas: assistant services, bookkeeping, business structure consulting, copywriting, organizing, and tech services. The team lives in various places, but, thanks to modern technology, we are available to work virtually with clients just about anywhere in the world. Like our clients, we lead big lives, too. That’s just one reason we’re so good at helping you with yours.

Naomi Peters

Naomi Peters (Founder & President) loves the platypus. It’s an animal that is comprised of seemingly odd parts to make a unique and awesome whole. Bill like a duck, furry mammal, lays eggs, spends much time under water & some time on land, webbed feet, venomous spurs (for the males), and the state animal of New South Wales, Australia.

Now let’s look at Naomi’s brain… A snapshot from high school: valedictorian, Latin club, math team, drama club, honor society, Governor’s School for biology, student council, community volunteer, not to mention all the various awards, advanced classes, and other clubs. So what are you meant to take away from this? Total geekdom, of course. But really, this is the foundation of Naomi’s brain – a deep love for language & literature, an excitement by numbers and precise details, an inner well full to the brim of the arts & creativity, an abiding enthusiasm for science & nature, a natural affinity for leadership & clarity, and a throughline of service.

Added to that foundation are decades of experience & further learning in a number of fields: organization & administrative skills, technical gadgetry & software, business strategies & structure, financial order wizardry, and a lot of teaching.

With Bacana, Naomi can let her multi-gifted self come out to play. As a self-taught “tech geek,” she has a real knack for translating complicated jargon into relatable language. As an artist and communicator, she is an outside-the-box thinker who gives practical advice with a creative flare. Having plenty of martial arts, dance training, and motorcycle riding under her belt, she has also been known to be spunky on occasion. A longtime volunteer of her time and skills, Naomi believes in giving back. A triple citizen of Australia, the US, and the UK, Naomi calls herself a nomad who likes to nest.  Currently on a pandemic pause from the nomad part, she is focusing on the nest part in Sydney, Australia.

Brian Brunst

Brian Brunst (Tech Brain) tackles those challenging problems that others often give up on while pushing himself to use technology in innovative and creative ways. With over 20 years of IT experience in environments ranging from large production studios and ad agencies to small startups and individuals, Brian deftly molds technology into accurate and synergistic solutions. He particularly enjoys working with Bacana clients and does so with a great attention to detail, testing multiple scenarios to deliver robust and reliable results.

Brian balances his geeky tech side with a passion for sports, motorcycling, playing guitar, and spending time with his girlfriend and their dog, Snickers. A native of Honolulu, he now lives in Los Angeles.

Giving Back

The Bacana Plan is exceedingly proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet. What does this mean? It means that we are part of a growing number of entrepreneurs who commit 1% of their gross sales to environmental organizations.

We use the opportunity to involve all of our team members to determine how we, as a company, give back. At the end of each year, each team member chooses an organizations from the 1% for the Planet roster, and we divide the donation accordingly.

Giving back feels so good that we don’t want to stop there. In the future, we hope to increase our commitment by sending additional donations to great organizations that work in the fields of the arts, health, and wisdom/awareness.

Bacana is a must-have for anyone who is busy, accomplishment-focused and time-starved.