sunset, sunrise

The sun started to set over the Parramatta River as I waited for the ferry. I had just found a place to live for the next year. This represents a…

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thought translations

I have no idea what this piece of art means to the artist. What they might have been trying to give voice to as it was created. I do know…

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the broccoli tree

It delights me more than I can say how much this tree looks like a piece of broccoli. I suppose it’s good that I rather like broccoli!

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soft focus

I was scrolling through my photos, trying to find inspiration for one of these notions. My first reaction on seeing this one was how lovely with the soft focus and…

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here for the monotremes

Here’s the thing. I’m a platypus person. Always have been, always will be. I don’t do favorites, but the platypus is my favorite animal hands down. But there’s lots of…

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