the broccoli tree

It delights me more than I can say how much this tree looks like a piece of broccoli. I suppose it’s good that I rather like broccoli!

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soft focus

I was scrolling through my photos, trying to find inspiration for one of these notions. My first reaction on seeing this one was how lovely with the soft focus and…

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here for the monotremes

Here’s the thing. I’m a platypus person. Always have been, always will be. I don’t do favorites, but the platypus is my favorite animal hands down. But there’s lots of…

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the root of the matter

What does it mean to have roots? Or, conversely, to be rootless? My first thought goes to a relationship with a particular place — a geographical home base. And yet,…

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the year of perfect vision

“The future can no longer beWhat is going to happen?It isWhat are we going to do?” – Henri Bergson This is at the entrance of Zealandia, a conservation project in…

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stop is just as important as go

This was the setting for a conference I attended for business founders in Sep 2019. As a business founder, I wear many hats. Sometimes too many. And sometimes, I get…

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a flight for prince

Some planes, instead of having window shades, have a type of glass that can be electronically dimmed & lightened. Which, in this case, makes the whole world look purple. I…

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