forging a path forward

I took this photo in 2005, and something about the trails, bored into the wood by whatever creature made them, reminded me of my own forging a path. My path in 2020 is certainly not what I expected it to be in 2005, or in 1995, or in 1985, and so on. No matter how much planning or intention I put into my life, there will always be a factor of navigating the environment and whatever life decides to build along or across that path. Living in the present moment with grace and fullness has to include a degree of flexibility.

This past year has been a challenging time. One in which we have all had to adjust our paths to greater or lesser extents.

I don’t know what this coming year will bring for all of us. But I share with you my hopes for you and for myself that the forging of our paths can continue to be flexible and adaptive and that they encounter more and more frequent landmarks of peace & health & joy for all of us.

Here’s to a complex new year and forging ahead. Bring on 2021.