Naomi, Bacana’s Founder & President, is an expert in the areas of workflow, time management, & business structure. She is available on a limited basis to consult with you on these matters.

  • Do you have goals that you’re not sure how to implement?
  • Are you using your email inbox as a task manager?
  • Are you overwhelmed by emails and not sure how to keep on top of them?
  • Are you eager to integrate your inventory with your bookkeeping using cool software that you’ve never heard of?
  • Are you a location independent professional with things falling through the cracks in other time zones?
  • Are you concerned about online security and trustworthy back-up for all your data?
  • Would you like to better harness the cloud?
  • Do you even know what the cloud is?
  • Do you need to delegate tasks to your employees while still keeping an eye on the how/what/when of those tasks?
  • Do you know that there must be a way to be more effective and efficient but you don’t even know what questions to ask?

Simply put: Naomi can tell you how it can be done.  Taking that guidance and turning it into action will be up to you.

Set up a consultation appointment with Naomi.  Her brain is an index of task management possibilities, software solutions, and good ideas.

Consulting rate: $100 for a half-hour call

Questions? We're here to help.