Your financial situation and your bookkeeping needs are as unique as your big life. That’s why we provide a customized package of bookkeeping services for each client that includes dynamic app integrations.

The foundation of our specialized (and special!) approach to bookkeeping is built upon our three favorite words:

Ease. With genuine enthusiasm, we simplify the complicated stuff and make sense of the confusing stuff. We streamline the tasks-at-hand so that there is always a flow to the work we do. That flow includes the ways in which we communicate with our clients, be it a monthly report of expenditures or a check-in conversation about next year’s budget.

Efficiency. Being efficient doesn’t mean being fast. Being efficient means getting the job done in the best possible way. And for us, it also means enjoying the process. (Full disclosure: A job-requirement for all Bacana bookkeepers is that they must passionately love math.)

Awareness. When it comes to finances, it’s important that we have an awareness of both the big picture and the tiny details. With that awareness, we share financial information with our clients in a thoughtful, comprehensive, and nuanced fashion.

A customized package means customized pricing as well. (Check out our pricing scenarios below.) The monthly flat-rate amount is determined by assessing the various intertwining factors of your unique situation. What are those factors exactly? Well, we can’t assess your needs until we better understand them. Connect with us here, and let’s begin that conversation.

p.s. Sending us an email does not mean getting put on a mailing list. We promise.

Package A

$ $2,500 to $3,000 Monthly
  • A product-based business with a high transactional volume and many moving parts to integrate, including payroll, inventory, and sales tax in multiple states.
  • A service-based business with a dozen full-time employees, a large international client base, and elaborate invoicing.

Package B

$ $1,100 to $1,600 Monthly
  • An international power couple with various large-scale personal projects in the works. They have multiple homes, individual & joint bank accounts, and dozens of monthly bills to be managed in different currencies.
  • A small service-based business that’s been steadily growing for ten years. The high transactional volume includes product development, invoicing, and the integration of several payment methods.

Package C

$ $600 to $900 Monthly
  • A busy couple on the brink of retirement with two homes and several accounts who seek an acute awareness of spending habits.
  • A multi-member LLC or small S Corp with standard bookkeeping needs in addition to payroll and administrative filings & protocols.

Package D

$ $250 to $500 Monthly
  • A self-employed professional with various income streams.
  • A single-member LLC with low transactional volume and no employees.

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