perusing a path

As I scroll through my library of photos, looking for inspiration for these notions, every time I come across a photo of a pathway or a trail, it always spurs…

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strike of lightning

Through the haze of rain, a single strike of lightning pointing to the Sydney skyline. It’s like the setting of some dramatic detective novel. A lightning strike can occur on…

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contents of a silhouette

If you have ever visited Uluru in the center of Australia, you will recall that there are amazing & intricate natural patterns on the rock surfaces. Patterns that visitors are…

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a garage with a message

The only times I’ve ever seen a big word painted on a garage door, it's been in the form of unwelcome graffiti. So, when I came upon this garage door,…

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shoes off

Since moving to California a few years ago, my entire home has been on ground level and, when I’m at home, I am almost always barefoot. After years of living…

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the comfort of the familiar

In a year with so much strangeness and newness and upheaval, the sight of something familiar can be a comfort. I've got my eye out for pumpkins. What about you?

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my own bird’s eye view

Do you see that white thing on the top of the tall, grey pole? That’s a cockatoo. I watched this cockatoo sit there on a very windy day for what…

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school supplies

At the end of summer, when I was a kid, I'd keep my eye on the Sunday newspaper. It had ads for great sales on school supplies. I'd coax my…

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