my own bird’s eye view

Do you see that white thing on the top of the tall, grey pole? That’s a cockatoo. I watched this cockatoo sit there on a very windy day for what seemed like ages.

We often use the phrase “bird’s eye view” to describe looking at something from a distance or in an all-encompassing way.

If you think about it, the bird’s eye view comes while they are in motion, flying overhead. I wonder what might occur to this particular cockatoo, who has a kind of bird’s eye view while sitting still?

Perspective in motion has great value. Continuing to move forward, adapting & making decisions. You can achieve a state of flow with this.

Perspective in stillness also has great value. Sitting in the quiet, loud wind of surrounding life, feeling into your place in it. Much can be revealed.

This cockatoo reminds me of the value of both kinds of bird’s eye view. I have been neglecting the latter.

What about you? Is your bird’s eye view always in motion or in stillness? What if you changed it up and examined the other?