how I never waste time looking for keys

“It’s hard to make a difference when you can’t find your keys.”
– Marilyn Paul

I have spent ZERO minutes looking for my keys in 2012.  Why?  Because I have a fancy dish near my front door that my keys live in when they’re not on my person as I wander the streets of NYC.  I set them in the dish upon entering my home and scoop them up when I leave.  There is no cursing while searching frantically in couch cushions which makes for a smooth exit.

I keep my metrocard holder, laundry card, and gym card there too.  And any out-going mail gets tucked under the fancy dish so I remember to take it with me when I leave the next morning.

When something has a place, it’s easy to find it!

It also helps to have a porcelain guard dog beside the key dish. But that’s just my personal taste.

What does your key dish look like? And what do you keep there? Leave a comment below.