that’s what I said

I was doing my lesson in Swedish, translating the sentence in the screenshot below. The little ding & the green banner said I had answered correctly, but the message in the green banner said I was wrong and had used the wrong word. The correction was word for word what I had written. (Yes, I left off the period; the app really doesn’t care about punctuation at all.)

This is certainly just a glitch in the coding. No worries at all.

But have you ever experienced one of these conversations:
Person A says xyz.
Person B says, no, that’s wrong, it’s xyz.
Person A says that’s what I said.

When have you been person A? And is it possible that you were person B sometimes, too? I’ll raise my hand to having experienced both roles.

It might be a bug in my language app, but, with us humans, it all comes down to listening in a real way.

It really is the dogs’ water. I promise.