you are the only one who can do this

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
– Joseph Campbell

I dye my hair. I have tattoos. I prefer a motorcycle or walking for getting from point a to b. Though I pride myself on my professional attitude and work ethic, I dress casually – no suits for me. These are all superficial attributes, but they feel like good road signs to my personality.

My clients are wide-ranging, but I would say that the majority of them don’t have tattoos (that I know of!) and have a far more corporate sensibility to their wardrobes.

What is common amongst us is a communication, a listening without judgement. My clients value my coaching greatly, and I learn things from my clients every day.

I am still on a journey of personal growth, but I am in a place these days where I accept and am deeply happy with the person I am. This shows in my work and relationships with my clients & colleagues.

Being who you are in the truest way shines through in your work. There is an automatic sense that what you say is genuine.

There are certainly aspects of every professional field – accepted practices, thoughts, protocols, etc. – that deserve consideration and respect. But only if you can genuinely be you within your field can you find that click, that connection with those you’re aiming to serve.