temporary hold

We all have a lot going on. I mean a lot. Sometimes I give my brain a little present. I sift through all the stuff that’s on my metaphoric plate and I do a gentle reality check with myself. What tasks can be cut from this list? GONE. What tasks can be done right now so that I can cross them off the list? DONE. And, finally, what tasks can be put on hold?

If I declare something to be an “on hold” project or task, and admit that it’s not a priority right now (but it’s important that I do it at some point) and therefore temporarily move it off my plate, it helps me to focus and leave brain room for my active projects. Frankly, it helps me to feel less overwhelmed. And because it’s coming from a conscious place, there’s no procrastination guilt. An on-hold project isn’t procrastination. It’s simply an on-hold project!

Minor example: “organize all digital pictures.” Being honest with myself, I know I’m not going to get to that task until four months from now at the earliest. Does it need to be on an active to-do list that’s in front of my face every day? No. So… ON HOLD.

I find that doing a monthly or quarterly check-in to determine active/on-hold projects is very useful. I schedule my check-ins in advance so that the project reevaluation happens regularly. We all need our tricks to juggle all that we juggle. Do you have a trick to share?