the tools i use: 1password

Since this is the first post in what will likely become a series, I’ll start the disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the product mentioned below and receive no financial gain from mentioning it. We purposefully titled this series “the tools I use,” recognizing that there are lots of wonderful options out there for everyone. If any post in the future does deal with a product with which we have some affiliation, we’ll tell you. (We like being honest like that.)

In this world of data living in the cloud, and information being passed over the airwaves, I like to be conscious of security wherever possible. For this reason, probably my favorite piece of software is 1Password. It’s essentially a secure, encrypted vault in which you can keep passwords & sensitive data (credit card info, social security numbers, and a plethora of other bits and pieces).

On the passwords front, the software integrates with your browser, so there’s really no need for you to remember any of your login info, other than the one password (hey, where did that name come from?) it takes to unlock the vault.

Welcome to the world of gobbledygook passwords, in which not even you could guess the password for your bank account, but yet you still have easy access. Don’t you feel better?

Next week… my strategy for passwords overall, and why I recommend you actually have a total of 4 that you can remember.

Are there any tools you use to keep your information secure? Share your thoughts below.