teach to learn

As I write this, I’m in the middle of coaching one of my lovely clients in time management and organizing her workflow. I love seeing the doors in her mind open, flooding her thoughts with daylight as she sees the possibilities for more ease in how she works.

And I also catch some of that daylight for myself. Even though I’ve been practicing and refining these techniques for years, teaching them to someone else always reveals some new tidbit to me as well.

Any teacher who doesn’t admit to being a student as well is not really teaching — they’re simply lecturing.

This is an awesome thing to try out for yourself. The next time someone asks you to show them how to do something, put on one of those double-billed Sherlock Holmes hats (teacher / student). Open the door and relish the both of you doing a bit of sunbathing.

p.s.  This week marks one year of Bacana Notions.  From all of us at Bacana to all of you…  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!