flower power, for real

Manhattan may be an urban jungle of concrete, but it sure is easy to find a place that sells flowers. I buy them for myself quite regularly. I’ve learned which ones I can get in my neighborhood that survive a longish windowsill life. (An important quality to look for in a flower purchased with one’s groceries.)

Apparently, there was a study done at Rutgers about ten years ago on the effect of flowers on positive emotions. And apparently, this study found that our being in the presence of flowers increases our happiness both in the short-term and in the long-term. And flowers even inspire greater connection between us: triggering smiles, initiating conversation, and prompting us to stand closer to one another, “at a social distance rather than at an impersonal distance.” These are certainly some good things to keep in mind when you’re in a line at the grocery store on an ordinary day, and wondering about spending those extra few bucks on a bouquet. It seems to me to be mighty worth it.