stop is just as important as go

This was the setting for a conference I attended for business founders in Sep 2019.

As a business founder, I wear many hats. Sometimes too many. And sometimes, I get so enthralled by the choice & juggling of hats that I forget to follow my own advice.

You see, I want my team to want to be a part of this company, to know that this company both respects their time and values their unique perspectives. A work environment that understands how much humans need to stop and rest as much as they need to work and be productive.

I say that. I don’t always live that. And if I’m not modeling what I say, how will my team ever believe that I mean it? So this setting, at a conference for business founders, a setting that kind of forces you to just stop and take in the beauty — yeah, I need that.

Have you had a reminder lately to take a pause?