throw it out the window

“The voyage of a lifetime starts at the windowsill.”
– Khang Kijarro Nguyen

On a family vacation, I took this photo while looking out a window as I adjusted to my new surroundings. The autumn leaves were a joy to see for this SoCal gal. And the sight of the little boat holding two men and a dog absolutely delighted my nephew. Each of us had a personal noticing from that particular windowsill.

When people ask why I made the move from New York to California, I often blame it on the view. You see, for my last four years in New York, I couldn’t help but put my mind westward. Because the wide view from my apartment encompassed the Palisades, the Hudson River, and the most magnificent sunsets. My voyage west began long before I ever got into my car.

A view provides a feast for the imagination by gently throwing the mind out the window.

Take a moment to look out a window today. A voyage awaits.