speak & fill the room

“You actually don’t need high energy to fill a large space. You need your own sense of presence and focus. You can bend an entire room by bending a paper clip if you’ve got the focus of the room. And, to accept that the audience, that you are their focus, you don’t need to do high kicks. You just need to be there, present for them, and then you’ve filled the entire room.”
— Stephen Colbert

Above, Stephen is speaking about doing his monologue at the top of The Late Show. But these words apply across a wide spectrum, from public speaking at a conference, to presenting your ideas at a meeting, to a one-on-one conversation.

Many times, if I experience nerves before speaking to someone or to many someones, hindsight shows me that I was making it about me. About my experience on the stage or at the front of the room.

There can be a shift here. Make it about them. How can I be of service? What are my words / presentation / thoughts bringing to the other people in the room that is of value to them? How can I be present for them?

Give the gift of your presence to your audience, and you will fill the room.