let’s get it on

“In the very same second, I can be brave & scared.”
– Brené Brown

One of my favorite words is dichotomy. Here’s the definition: “a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.”

I enjoy the fact that I thrive on the creative with acting at the same time as really delight in cleaning up and organizing a client’s financial data. In school, I was a theatre geek who actually loved calculus. My left brain shakes hands with my right brain, and sometimes they fight a little, but sometimes they make sweet, sweet love.

We all have within ourselves the capacity for conflicting ideas to confuse us and stop momentum or for them to lead to fascinating dialogue and the birth of new ideas. (Don’t get me started on how this applies on a larger scale to the political realm…)

Why not let go of the idea that one thought cancels another out? What would happen if you accept all the odd, seemingly conflicting thoughts or ideas in your head?

The next time an idea (a new adventure, a new business plan, a new relationship) makes you crazy scared and entrances your imagination, don’t feel like you have to choose one emotion. Feel them both. It’s all good. There’s some sweet, sweet love to be made there.