preparing for that great thing you don’t know about yet

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”
– Thomas Edison

A great adventure or an incredible opportunity that will knock your socks off could be barreling toward you at 80 mph right now and you have no idea. So what are you going to do to prepare for this thing that you don’t know about? Well, maybe you do the dishes and the laundry. Or maybe you make those phone calls and pay those bills. Or buy that great outfit. Or sign up for that Spanish class. Or go to that job interview. Or renew your passport. Or take out that loan. Or get rid of that excuse. Or hire that assistant. Or read those how-to books.

In whatever is your way, plan for opportunity to come barreling toward you so that, when it does, you won’t get knocked over. You’ll just take a ride.

I mean, 2014 has opportunities waiting that your 2013 self is clueless about. Plan for it.