messy & open beats perfection

I’ve just seen a production with 2 remarkable actors with striking differences.

Actor A is a study in technical perfection. He embodies the character to the point of being lost in him. But it is an insular perfection, always slightly removed from those around him.

Actor B is a bit messier, not technically perfect, but there is a generosity with his energy, a genuine desire to exchange and have a connection with those around him.

Both characters in the play lose connections to their loved ones at different points in the story. But I only had a visceral reaction when it happened to the character played by actor B.

This is not only a fantastic lesson in the craft of acting; it is a far more profound lesson in all pursuits of business, relationships, & life.

Technical perfection is a wonder to behold. It’s utterly fantastic. But connect with me, be generous with your spirit, and I’m yours.