coulda been a contender – scratch that – could BE a contender

“Step into the person that you could be.”
– Heather Thorkelson

Full disclosure, Heather is my business coach, and a damn good one at that. But this is something I heard her say in the course of an interview. Hello, resonance.

I am very attuned to living in the present moment — appreciating the value of what is, both when that feels supportive and when it feels challenging. I also admit to doubting my current actions at times. Questioning whether I am making a decision from a place of reasonable caution or from a place of limiting fear.

In those moments, I shall be curious to see if there’s a shift if I insert this query into the mix… If I make the decision this way, who could I be? And who could I be if I go the other way?

Living in the present never needs to disregard planning for the future. Reminders of that for me are always appreciated.

Who could you be?