leaving a wild mark

As I passed Nunhead Cemetary walking home one day, I was struck by this image of gravestones being tangled in wild growth. What occurred to me seeing these gravestones is that these physical marks are being integrated back into the earth. The static memories are changing and becoming part of an evolving and growing thing. There is beauty in that.

Many of us wonder what legacy we will leave; what will our mark be on the world? But what if it’s not about leaving a finished, static marker, but rather introducing an idea that grows into something new and wonderful?

I’m curious to apply these thoughts to business and my relationships. So that my business, my services, my creations aren’t statically mine. They are ideas that have been passed to me from various sparks or research or inspirations; they are ideas that I am nurturing and giving to those around me for further growth and change.

In this moment, I think I can leave the most significant mark on this world by letting go of the need to leave a mark. I’m not sure that I’ve fully integrated that yet; it’s just something I’m pondering.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  How do you hope to leave a mark on this world?