if you take something away, is it a loss? maybe not

Below is a picture of The Needles off the coast of the Isle of Wight in the UK. The formations were caused ages ago by erosion to a chalk ridge eventually leading to the stacks of rock jutting out into the ocean. They’re now a famous landmark, visited by many people year-round. Mother Nature here might be the sculptor slowly chipping away at the stone to reveal a beautiful piece of art.

In comparison… I’ve written in the past about my time on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Formed of 5 volcanoes (with a 6th offshore to join sometime in the future), this is an island growing incrementally all the time. Lava is simultaneously a force of destruction and creation. And Mother Nature as a sculptor here is the one working with clay or paint, adding some here and there to build up the piece of art.

Mother Nature creates wonders by taking away and by adding. Disappearance does not always equal loss (though it can). Appearance does not always equal gain (though it can).

This just reminds me to question my assumptions — in life, in business, in everything. We live in a complex world, and change never means just one thing. Disappearance, appearance, loss, gain, destruction, creation… These are often present at the same time in different ways.

Mother (Nature) knows best. Can’t wait to see what amazing art I see next.