I am experiencing a very interesting type of discombobulation around the pandemic. I grew up in the US and lived for 12 years in NYC. Many people I care deeply about are there. I also spent over a decade training capoeira, through which I’m connected to more people I care deeply about in Brazil. Prior to becoming a full-time nomad, my last home was in the UK in London.

As I write this in mid-June, I have been back in Australia for about 6 months, and I have now decided to stay here for at least another year.

The UK, the US, & Brazil have all been very hard hit by the pandemic. I have lost friends in the US & in Brazil to COVID-19.

Australia has had comparatively low incidence. It is hard for me to reconcile my anxiety for those I care for in hard-hit countries with walking down the street here and seeing people be fairly lax when it comes to social distancing. For a class I have been taking, we returned to in-person instruction around the time I am writing this (mid-June), and I was the only person wearing a mask during that first class back. Part of me wants to yell or give side eye to everyone who is being lax, to reprimand them for being complacent. And part of me is trying (trying!) to really hear what the scientists are saying about the numbers here in Australia.

I know that somewhere in all of this, I need to find a middle ground. Continuing vigilance to take precautions wherever I can, but not letting it spill over into cutting myself off from the world & those around me. I haven’t found that middle ground yet, but I’m seeking.

What are some factors from your life that have shaped your experience these past few months?