a freezing fire

If you zoom into this photo, you can see the goop on my face & hands. And the wet spots on my clothes are from the goop underneath as well. This is me learning the logistics of a fire burn for stunts, and it was freezing.

The thermals I’m wearing underneath the outer clothes were soaked in goop & ice overnight. And I was completely covered in that same icy goop everywhere else that was exposed. Though the whole point is to act like you’re burning, in reality, the moment you start to feel the heat is the moment you need to end the stunt.

This was a long time ago, and fire burn gel technology has improved exponentially since then. It no longer has to be a freezing endeavor.

But I still think there’s something to ponder here… What appears from the outside as something with a great deal of heat feels to the one experiencing it as a great deal of cold.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to maintain a calm exterior but were experiencing a great deal of turbulence inside? Or vice versa, a time when it was important to show a lot of enthusiasm while inside you were just rather blasé about it?

There are many instances in this world of the exterior and the interior not matching. The key is to find when those instances serve a purpose and move the story forward, and when those instances mean you are not being true to yourself and some change needs to happen.