community profile: kimmy williams-pigliucci

We’re so pleased to introduce you to another member of our massively cool community of Bacana clients. Welcome to Kimmy Williams-Pigliucci!

Introduce yourself.
My name is Kimmy, and I am a San Francisco native. I am married to an Italian and work as an Esthetician and Health & Wellness Coach. I run a skincare clinic in my hometown called AES Acne Clinic, where I combine skincare and lifestyle coaching to help people struggling with acne get clear holistically. I also teach trauma-informed yoga in the community.

What’s something making you happy right now?
My 3 furry cat babies: Antonio, Lucilla, and Supplizio. They always make me happy!

When was the last time you surprised yourself?
I am always surprised when I cook something that is edible, but the other day I made a dish that actually tasted good!

What’s something that brings ease into your life?
I practice yoga and mindfulness which helps me tremendously. I also love a good bath with some music and lots of candles.

What’s something you’ve seen or read recently that you want to share?
I am currently reading two fantastic new books: Nurturing Resilience by Kathy Kain and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness by David Treleaven. They both present cutting-edge information on psychology and mental health that is relevant for anyone interested in the mind-body connection.

Where can people find you?