twain, gore, and rock ‘n roll

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”
– Mark Twain

I was planning for an exciting Monday night of roasting brussels sprouts and laundering clothes when my friend Lauren called. She asked if I would meet her in Brooklyn one hour later as she had an extra VIP ticket to a Neil Young concert. The brussels sprouts and the laundry were promptly set aside, and I set off for another borough.

Lauren’s friends, the band Everett, gave a fantastic opening performance. During the interval, we spotted Al Gore in the audience nearby. Then Patti Smith (well into her sixties!) came on stage and rocked out. That woman blew me away. Before Neil Young’s wild act began with a rockin’ “Star Spangled Banner,” I saw that Patti Smith had come from the backstage entrance and was standing near security in the audience so she could see some of the show. Then I saw Al Gore leave his seat to congratulate her and chat for a moment.

I turned to Lauren and said, “When I woke up this morning, I can honestly say that I did not expect to witness Al Gore and Patti Smith having a conversation today.”

Mark Twain was right.

What are some recent unexpected surprises you’ve experienced?