community profile: horacio zambrano

We’re so pleased to introduce you to another member of our massively cool community of Bacana clients. Welcome to Horacio Zambrano!

Introduce yourself.
I’m a mid-life, corporate exec turned small business entrepreneur that is building a marketing consultancy and virtual agency. I live in San Francisco, am married, and have a young son that I see more now.

What’s something making you happy right now?
We just landed a new client this week and validated our virtual team model.

When was the last time you surprised yourself?
Every month / week. I see more clearly what I should be focused on and how, the prior month, I probably spent too much time in one area or another when I should be building a process to delegate to get the business to the next level. It reminds me to focus on getting on with finding and bringing the right people into the fold. Part of the journey, I suppose.

What’s something that brings ease into your life?
Reading and tennis. Tennis is like my yoga, and I’ve been doing it for the past 10 years. I get grumpy when I neglect it. Reading wisdom from others really validates my own thinking and helps me sort out my own thinking.

What’s something you’ve seen or read recently that you want to share?
Making Websites Win by Karl Blanks. While it’s pretty prescriptive about how to make websites convert, the underlying theme is to iterate fast and experiment, experiment, and experiment. The world is always moving so quickly that you have to be flexible in how you position yourself and your business and continually look for the opportunity to create sustainability. It also speaks to the fact that the world and younger generations are moving to a very data-driven and analytic place that supports a creative process like messaging and copywriting.

Anything else you’d like to share with the Bacana community?
Keep chugging and enjoy the journey. Nothing is guaranteed, so don’t fall prey to grass-is-greener thinking, and stay focused.

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