number love

I fell in love with numbers when I was a small child. Like probably before kindergarten.

When I was in 5th grade, I got a “homework pass” whenever I won a math game in class (which was often). But I never used the homework passes because I loved doing math homework so much.

In high school, I salivated during the math sections of the SAT and took Advanced Calculus as an elective.

I “tested out” of the math requirements at my university and chose to pursue a degree in the arts. So high school is as far as my career in mathematics got. But the number love is still there.

I notice numbers, I think about numbers, I play with numbers, and I greatly appreciate numbers. Particularly when there’s serendipity or an interesting pattern. February 22nd is my birthday, so I always appreciate 222, but I have other favorites as well. There are so very many numbers to love!

What’s your favorite number?