climb every mountain, or, you know, every cool rock that’s not really that big

See that wide flat rock in the middle with the emerald green grass on top? We stopped for lunch at the sandy area at its foot during the hike I was on. (I actually didn’t know it was lunch — I thought that was coming up a bit later — whoops!) Anyway, I decided I wanted to climb, so I did.*

The 2nd photo is the view from the top. If you click on the photo and make it larger, you can just make out some of the tiny people down on the sand. It doesn’t look that high in the first picture, does it?? Perspective and relative scale are amazing things.

What’s the cool thing in your sight right now? Decide to climb. It’s awesome.

* I’ve done some climbing in the past and know the risks and my boundaries. I don’t recommend just up and climbing a cliff, even a small one, without experience or safety gear.