the balance of self-care and service to others

One of the cornerstones of the coaching I do with clients on time management or business structure development is this: Find the balance between self-care and service to others.

Without the self-care, your internal well gets depleted, and you’re left with not enough to actually give to your clients. Thinking of it this way removes any trace of that mistaken view of self-care being selfish.

As you plan your daily or weekly schedule, this needs to be reflected in how you spend your time. My rule of thumb is that I have the capacity for 1-3 main tasks for my business each day. Any more than that, and I’m not keeping things in balance, resulting in a disservice to both myself and my clients.

We tend to be pretty good at focusing on the work we need to accomplish each day. I’m going to trust that you have that answer and know that it is key. But just as important is this: How are you taking care of yourself today?