snow days

When I was a young girl, I loved hot weather and didn’t particularly care for the cold. I haven’t changed into a snowbird by any stretch, but I’m perfectly fine going on a dog walk when we’ve got plenty of the white stuff these days. And I do think twice before choosing to be somewhere super hot. (My human water faucet sweat glands may have something to do with that, too.)

My favorite is far and away somewhere in the middle. A nice, comfortable, temperate climate. But it’s fascinating to me how my range of temperature enjoyment has shifted a bit to the cooler end.

I wonder what my younger self would think. She’d probably let out a completely exacerbated sigh at the idea of needing to bundle up. Too much work before going outside! My grown-up self has that thought occasionally. But my grown-up self also likes my cozy winter coat a fair bit.

Considering change is a constant, I wonder if the next shift will take me more towards winter boots or bare feet. Or maybe just some comfy socks.

What’s been a change you’ve seen that would surprise your younger self?