slower sometimes equals faster

This world moves fast, fast, fast. How ironic then that, sometimes, if you slow down just a bit, you can actually flow with that fast pace in an easier and more efficient way.

One small example… Have you ever found yourself trying to get through a pile of emails, skimming through them, quickly replying, and getting on with it? Let’s say a colleague sent me an email, not terribly long, but I’m rushing… moving fast, fast, fast. I reply, asking a question about the topic at hand. A few hours later or the next day, my colleague replies, patiently reiterating what was in the original email that already answered my question.

Had I just slowed down a tiny bit and actually read the original email, my response could have moved us to the next proper step of whatever project we’re working on. Instead, I delayed that move by only skimming and then asking a question that was already answered. I worked a bit harder and took a bit longer to get to the same place.

Time is a precious commodity, but it is also there to be used as a tool. If I use my time wisely (to me, wisely means actually using time in a mindful way, not just rushing through it as quickly as possible), I find I can actually keep pace in this world without feeling so rushed.

What are some things you do more slowly that help you be more efficient?