no need to be right

“Liberate yourself from the need to be right.”
– Seth Godin, What to Do When It’s Your Turn

I’m doing a lot of living in the question at the moment. As I ponder the options that appear before me, I often find myself wondering which is the right choice. Or which choice is better. Or, if I make this choice, will I miss out on something more right tomorrow?

Those moments are exercises in spinning out of control in one place. The second-guessing has no productive value at all.

In making a choice, I remind myself to weigh the pros and cons for a moment, yes, but then to just make the decision. And, if there are two (or more) equally good options, then “right” doesn’t exist anyway. I just need to make a choice and relish that decision. To be curious in the experience of the choice I’ve made.

And you know what? If life throws me a curve ball next week, something that changes what I want to do, I can then make another choice based on the new information.

I’m going to try and give up being right. Will you join me?