no more warning – i am going to attack

When I first added this photo to my stockpile for Bacana Notions, the thought running through my head was that of being ready to take off at any moment, always ready to fly.

And then I researched a bit and found that this is actually a threatening pose from the swan, a warning to stay away from his (it’s usually the males, although sometimes the females) territory.

I took this at the lake in Hyde Park in London, with any number of other park visitors around. No one got attacked that day (or any other day, based on my google search). It’s a signal, a posture. And the question always implied is – will that signal be followed up with action?

Which actually takes me right back to my first instinct… Whether you view it as preparing to attack or preparing to soar, are you willing to stop preparing and do it? Attack the project. Soar on a new opportunity. But start.