my name is liz and i’m a luddite

Sometimes I wonder if we as a culture have moved into a technological version of “keeping up with the Joneses.” I personally don’t go whole hog when it comes to taking advantage of modern technology. Honestly, there is much of it that I can’t fathom using in my daily life. But hey, I’ve certainly made some mighty big changes during the 21st century thus far. I now email and text. I have a smartphone. I am on Facebook. And I am actually quite savvy with a computer.

But that pretty much does it for me. I don’t use apps on my phone. I am a twitter virgin. I write cursive in my journal with a pen. My new 2014 calendar is kept up-to-date with pencil and pen. I read books that require me to manually turn a page. And I recently purchased a record player because, well, I still have records.

That being said, I feel sure that, whenever the time comes for me to add a new “technologically advanced” element to my daily life, I will do it.  For me, it’s all about intention — having a good reason to add that something new. In the meantime, I find a joyful simplicity to my modern / old-fashioned lifestyle.

Knowing why you’re adding that extra piece (or knowing why you’re not) is key. The next time you’re considering adding a tool or service to your routine, ask yourself why. If the answer is clear, onward! If not, it may be worth reconsidering. Not everyone has to keep up with those technological Joneses.