making the common word a proper name

This is one of the cats that I took care of in Italy. He’s an outdoor neighbourhood cat who gets his breakfast and supper at the home where I was staying as I wrote this. The owners introduced him to me as Micio. That is his name. What I came to learn, however, is that “micio” in Italian means pussycat or tomcat. So we have a cat named Cat, more or less.

A word in one language is a commonality. That same word used in the context of another language becomes a proper name. Same thing seen through different views.

This seems to me to be the cornerstone of mindfulness or of living and working with intention. The small details which we all tick off without thinking — the exercise becomes to actually focus on and enjoy those small details. Do them with intention. Own them. It doesn’t take any longer, but it does make the whole experience of your day just a bit deeper.

Whether it’s a task or an experience or anything else, do you have a micio that can become a Micio in your life?