letting go of things you value

“Let it go.”
– Elsa, Frozen

As I’m writing this, I’m preparing for a period later in the year during which I will be feeding my nomadic self (aka, more or less homeless) for 6 months or more. As a self-proclaimed nomad who likes to nest, I must emphasize that I do love my nest, complete with the home comforts I allow myself. Home comforts some of which don’t travel well.

I’m in the process of making an inventory of my home. What will get recycled, donated, or sold (aka, “the shedding 2016”); what will potentially get shipped to my next nesting location (Australia); and what few items get to travel with me as a nomad.

I am by no means an expert packer. Far from it. I read the postings from those non-nesting nomads out there about how to travel full-time with just a backpack’s worth of stuff. I already know that won’t be me. At least not this time.

After my previous shedding (selling / donating / recycling many of my things before moving from Hawaii to the UK), I found that I have become less and less attached to material goods. I like simplifying & letting go. What that also means is that, when a material good makes its landing in my little nest, it is appreciated and valued in a deep way. So this shedding is a new level of letting go.

Elsa was singing more about ideas & emotions, all of which can be embedded in material items that we’ve come to value. Here’s to seeing how much I can let it go.