let go and let fly

“The whole of life becomes an act of letting go.”
– adult Pi in The Life of Pi

I was watching this movie on my iPad as I was flying to New York, and I had to stop and write that down. For me to describe in detail just how true this is in my life would take far more space than we have here.

I have let go of my dreams in order to let them breathe and find me again (and they have).

I have let go of relationships in order to allow healing. Some paths have come back together; some haven’t.

I have let go of a pre-conceived notion of what the end product should look like in order to honor the how of the journey that takes me to something different (often something better than that dusty pre-conception).

I try to let go of wanting others to think as I do. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

I try to let go of needing approval from outside myself. That one is easier and easier these days.

I actively let go of any need for perfection.

I let go of the word “should.”

In my life, my work, my soul, letting go has probably been the most profound and necessary path I have ever been on.

What do you let go?