jumping, but not the shark

“Sometimes you gotta trust the jump.”
– Deray Mckesson

As I write this, timetables for some big projects I’m working on for 2 of my companies have been blown completely to smithereens due to circumstances outside my control. There is a very real part of me that is experiencing fear around this — fear that the projects are too big, fear that I’m not qualified to steer these particular ships, fear of the increased cost due to delays, fear of these jumps.

And yet.

My gut is still all in. My experience and rational brain are there with my gut and know that these projects are indeed big, and they are absolutely right. And that, yes, I can do this, along with my team of rock stars who are doing their parts, too.

So the timelines are not what I had initially planned. Re-examine, adjust, set a revised timeline. But stay on course. Follow the trajectory.

I’m having to have this conversation with myself a LOT at the moment. But I always come back to trusting the jump.

Are you in a jump?