i’m stripping. are you?

I’ve been thinking about aging of late. Not in any bad way, just in the sense of continuing on my path. I feel the changes in my body, my thoughts, the space around it all growing just a little bit each day.

I took this photo in September 2012 at the Lokahi Garden Sanctuary on the Big Island. It doesn’t begin to do this tree justice.

The rainbow eucalyptus tree is fascinating. As the bark first peels, it’s one color. As it ages, it changes into other colors. The result is a tree covered in a rainbow of brilliant color. So many trees have interesting leaves or beautiful flowers. This one brings forth bounteous color from its very core.

As I age, I love the new colors that are showing themselves, mixing in with the colors of other periods in my life. I plan to be one colorful lady as time goes on! (multiple meanings intended) 😉

What do you feel about wherever you are in your age right now? Let me know in the comments below.