how do you feel about who you are?

“Who we are matters immeasurably more than what we know or who we want to be.”
– Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

My life at the moment is full of questions. How can I best contribute to this world? Where is my path leading? And so many others about my life, my work, my place in the world. I don’t have the answers to any of these questions. I just don’t know. So I try to be present in each moment and listen. And then take the next step forward and listen some more.

What feels a bit clearer is who I am. The person that hopes, fears, rejoices, worries, gives, & receives. It’s probably one reason I love getting older. I learn more and more about these things every day, and I feel more peace with the person I am than I ever have in my life.

When I first read this quote from Brené Brown, there was a moment when all the questions took a breath. This hasn’t been a constant. Those questions are with me always. But sometimes, I think about just being this person who I am, someone I have come to regard as a pretty damn good person, and, in those moments, it’s ok that all the other questions aren’t answered just yet.