disturbing diver of festivity

In Copenhagen, there is an amusement park that has been around since 1843. Inside that amusement park is a very small aquarium. Inside the main tank in that small aquarium is this gem of a decoration.

I received hits of festive cheer and something somewhat disturbing at the same time when I saw this.

Looking back on holiday seasons, this actually seems pretty apt. There is much to be celebrated, but also much to be viewed with care and empathy. It is not a simple time.

I think that taking those lessons of complexity and carrying them forward into the non-holiday season, the day-to-day, can only be beneficial. At any given moment, I or the people around me might be experiencing conflicting thoughts or emotions about a life event, a business decision, a conversation, etc.

Is it possible that I can listen for the nuance and hold off the urge to make assumptions? That is what I would like to work on. How about you?

Still not sure about the diver decoration, though. Just as long as the fish like it…