decide to rise

“Sometimes, you need to decide to rise.”
– Danielle LaPorte

Just sit with that.

That was the first thing Danielle said as she spoke at RHH Live in October 2012. Direct arrow to my core, those words.

I’m a thinker. I love concepts. But I get extraordinarily impatient when there is too much talk of concept without translation into action. And these words are a reminder that, sometimes, all that’s standing between your thoughts and your actions is a decision.

So I commit to deciding. And I commit to rising.

I commit to being the leader of my company, challenging my employees to explore and grow their talents, challenging my clients to grow their awareness, and challenging myself to shake hands with my doubt & fear about leadership and skip on down the road anyway.

And I hope that you will all hold me to that.

I’d like to do the same for you. What are you deciding right now, today? Publicly declare it in the comments below. I’ll hold you to it.