be your own reality show

Though I am a much larger proponent of scripted television (jobs for trained actors, please), I do admit to watching and being a fan of 2 “reality” shows – Survivor and The Voice. Part of what fascinates me in the reality TV realm is that the story is by no means unfiltered. Depending on how the editor cuts the footage of any given moment, there may be totally different narratives presented.

What the creative team behind the show is doing is trying to anticipate the most compelling storyline for their audience. Based on what they believe the audience wants, they craft the story to fit.

Step out of yourself for a moment. Imagine you’re watching a reality show, and you (the you that you’ve stepped out of) are the central character. (In a sense, be your own target audience.) What storyline would you like to see? What events would compel you, connect with you, make you root for you? How would you like to feel during any given moment of your story arc?

Now step into the shoes of the editor. Look at the moments, the context, the relationships in your life. How do you edit, craft, order those things to reach your storyline goal?

It seems a tad esoteric, I know, but sometimes examining life and goals and actions in a way that can be totally foreign can give you a really interesting perspective. This thought exercise may just surprise you with some compass coordinates to consider for your path in life.