an accident waiting to happen

“Staying open to chance and accident, I can go beyond the limits of the preconceived.”
– Lois Greenfield

Lois Greenfield has taken some really cool photographs of dancers. Her quote above refers to capturing this photo. She had not planned to do a photo with a baby mirroring the dancer (or, more likely, the other way round!). But there the photo is. And it’s pretty awesome.

Several years ago, had you told me where I’d be living, or the path my life was going to take, I would have raised an eyebrow at you. But I realized not terribly long ago that I was holding on so tightly to my dreams and life expectations that I wasn’t allowing room for them to breathe. When I let go a little, when I opened myself to chance and accident, like Lois says, my life morphed into a more adventurous and richer thing than I had imagined for it.

The clients whom I coach in time management and workflow organization know that I speak a great deal about planning and living with intention. It’s hugely important to me and a core principal of how I work. But living with intention and being open to chance are not mutually exclusive. And the two together can create a pretty spectacular dance of their own.

Can’t wait to see what chance and accident bring next.